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Our global network spans across various countries, ensuring we maintain a strong presence near our valued customers. While our products may face restrictions in certain areas due to local laws, our commitment to compliance and support remains unwavering. We have established offices worldwide, even in regions where our products are not directly available, to provide assistance and uphold our high standards of service.

For our European customers, we’re proud to offer TPD-compliant products that are fully registered to meet the continent’s regulatory requirements.

Should you need information or have any inquiries about product availability, please click on your country’s flag to find contact details for your nearest My Shisha office.

Moreover, if you have any complaints or concerns regarding our products or services at our local offices, we encourage you to reach out directly to our International Head Office +1 (267) 892-8663. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to improve and ensure your satisfaction.

International Head Office

Joe Thompson

My Shisha USA California

My Shisha Europe

 European Union responsible entity

Head office

Srwshti Shar Co.
(Exclusive Agent)

My Shisha E-Cig
(Exclusive Agent)
Sweden - Denmark

Srwshti Shar Co.
(Exclusive Agent)

My Shisha E-Cig
(Exclusive Agent)

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